Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I was not born with an internal GPS.  I have no sense of direction.  In fact, if I tell you to turn right, you probably should turn left.  I love to be the driver, but very often, my passengers will hear me say, "Where am I?  How did I get here?"  Life feels like that, too.  And if you are just looking closely at each moment of your life, like looking closely at one puzzle piece, you can think you're understanding the whole puzzle, but when that puzzle piece is snapped into place and you back up and take a look - now seeing a bigger area of the puzzle - things might look different. 
With all income gone, I began job searching and was happy to begin a new career 'cookin' coffee', as I like to call it.  It was a fast pace, physically challenging job.  But, it got me out into my community and forced me to grow in my people skills, my memory skills and my physical endurance. I worked with a great team of people who have become good friends.  I was also trying my hand at writing children's books.  I am known, in my family, for writing funny, sarcastic poems that might pop up in a birthday card, or Christmas letter.  I decided to put my quirky rhyming skills to work making Bible stories fun for kids to read. 
My husband took a sales job that aided people in selling their homes on-line, and on the side, began developing a company to help condo associations deal with abandoned condo units.  Also, during year #1, he began the process of getting his real-estate license, knowing that this would allow him to expand more in both pursuits.
Financial decisions had been made during year #1.  We were asking for a home loan modification - which we had gotten and were current on.  We had cashed in all of our retirement money and paid off our credit cards completely. We were able to stay current on our car loan.  The college loan was on hold.  And surprisingly, we were able to sit down with our list of monthly bills and found several things we could cut out.  How about that!  
Our puzzle was starting to take shape......or was it?
Near the end of year #1 of this new journey we were on, we began to suspect that things were not all well and good with the sales company my husband worked for and he was informed early in year #2 that they were filing bankruptcy.  And after almost a year's worth of work laying the foundations for his 'new company', he watched his dream die after 3 court hearings which didn't produce the legal support needed.
More puzzle pieces. 

Year #2 is right around the next bend........

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