Thursday, December 9, 2010


Do you want to hear a really wild thought?  I'm still considering it as I write this.  Here it is:  The other day, I thought about going back and visiting a church I had spent several years at.  It was a church I had not only attended, but given many hours of service to.  The church experience ended with many hurt feelings and several broken relationships.  When we pass on the street, we are all polite, but our eyes tell the story of hurt feelings.  My thought of going back to that church held a lot of fast memories pouring through my brain:  people I know that either hurt me or probably feel as if I hurt them.  Misunderstandings.  Disappointments.  Polite, but strained relationships.  Then, I had another thought.  This is the thought I mentioned at the beginning as a 'wild' thought.  THIS IS WHAT HEAVEN WILL BE least at first.  There I'll be....standing before the throne.....shoulder to shoulder with other believers....and as I look at the faces of these other believers, I will see someone that hurt me...I will see someone that I assume thinks I hurt them.....I will see someone that disappointed me...and then I will see someone else that I will be sure looks at me with the same hurt.  I know the Bible says God will wipe away our tears....I think some of those tears might be dealing with these kind of things.  Those people, that go to church each Sunday...that I spent many 'working' hours with.....that hurt me....that I hurt....will end up spending eternity together.   Interesting.  Let that thought sink in for a minute.  Maybe.......maybe.....those broken relationships should be bridged today.......????  Maybe......???? 

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